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The view from our office

- Jan 2019



The company started when the previous managing director spent a spell in Hospital after an accident. This was at a time when Virginia Bottomley passed a bill through parliament stating that a patients name, consultant and named nurse should be clearly displayed by each patient. The newly passed bill prompted the bed bound designer to come up with a solution to this after countless pieces of paper taped to the bed were lost. 

Once on the road to recovery, his design for "Identiframes" (A5 Drywipe Panels in a frame with bed hook) became so popular that he started up in business solely producing this single item. 

Things have moved on from this and technology now allows us to design & print Drywipe Boards in many sizes utilising high usage drywipe laminates. Other products have been added to our portfolio over the 27 years of trading and are just as popular like our clipboards and folder holders.

As a thank you to our NHS Service who looked after the founder of the company, we operate an Ethical Pricing Policy meaning we price our products fairly supplying an often superior product than our competitors, at a lower price.

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